Technology at Camp

Technology At Camp

I am currently at camp with 250 middle school students, sharing the Gospel and living like Jesus for them. This is an exciting time and I love this week out of the year, but for the church technology enthusist in me, it is tough because my normal habits are out the window. I do not blog at regular times, I cannot study and write my Seminary papers normally, and good luck with me responding to you on social media.

Last week, I asked the Google+ Church Tech crew, assuming you are not the sound guy or some other tech leadership role, what do you take with you to camp. I have some great responses below and share what I bring. (You’ll be surprised)

What Others Take To Camp

I love this one from Jan Horak because it is the truth in what I want to bring, but as she says, we have to go less.

I used to voluntarily take my entire desktop computer and a video camera (10 years ago) and make videos for the camp for all to take home. Now I take my cameras (full HD, GoPro & Digital SLR) and a laptop. Most leaders I see at our camp bring photo cameras and an iPad or laptop to update Facebook or Blogs in the down time. We are a small camp so we all pitch in and help.

For anyone like Auggie Mueller, you have the basics that are needed to make a good camp video. In my mind, if you do not have a camp videographer, you should capture the memories yourself.

I volunteer. I take my go pro here 3. Audio recorder, rode mic and my laptop.

What I Brought

I have 9 middle school boys in my cabin and so if I did not have seminary homework, my list would only be my cellphone. Surprise! Camp for me is the best time to unplug and be with students! I love it! So here is my list of tech toys I brought to camp. (Note: we do have videographer, otherwise this would be a much different list.)

  • iPhone 4S. A must for emergencies and updating parents. Currently sitting at over 120+ social media messages, 32 emails, and some iOS app updates in less than 24 hours that will be ignored till Saturday.
  • Kindle I hate reading eBooks on my computer, so for the two books that have to be reviewed for seminary, I am reading on this. Again, I would have preferred to leave it at home.
  • My Laptop. I have to use this for writing and submitting a seminary paper, otherwise it would have been left at home.

What technology do you take to camp? (Be specific)

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