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Today, Simply Youth Ministry has expanded their LIVE Curriculum to include a section on Holiday lessons. This is by far the best online resource at the best cost for youth ministry curriculum.

The cost of the curriculum is $59 and includes 15 weeks of lessons for the holiday seasons. You average that out and you have less than $4 per lesson. Assuming you make $10/hour for your job, that means you would have to get your lesson done in about 24 minutes to save money. Remember, we were called to be youth workers, not curriculum writers.

For the past two years, I have been using the high school and middle school LIVE curriculum which has been a lifesaver for my sanity and ministry. Many curriculums only cover surface level content with students and do not work well with our ministry with many students who know the Bible answers well. LIVE Curriculum hits deep into Scripture and engages students in their lives.

The holiday curriculum is one step deeper into the year’s schedule and makes preparing for youth ministry so much better. In the busyness that comes in ministry during the holiday times, these lessons bring a great sermon or small group lesson for you to hit a homerun this Christmas. I have looked every one of the lessons in this section, they are homeruns!

What do you think about the SYM LIVE curriclum?

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Last week on the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast, Doug Field shared a discussion between himself and Josh Griffin on his new perspective of communication in youth ministry from the volunteer viewpoint. Near the end, the team discussed ways of communicating to volunteers and someone suggested that they poll their volunteers to find out what communications are needed.

So last night I made up my volunteer survey that will be given to my volunteers to better communicate to them. Linked below is the form we will be using. Use it, rework it, just do not resell it.

Volunteer Communication Handout (WORD file, 188KB)