Blogging Schedule

We will be taking a bit of a different approach to blogging the rest of this year. Instead of approaching each week with “What topic should I write about now?” we will be scheduling out the topics for six weeks to see how this format works compared to before. Granted, this will only be the youth ministry side of our blogging as the technology world is too volatile to plan out more than a couple of weeks in advanced.

We hope that this will also aid in our efforts to start utilizing a weekend guest post system that we are putting into place. While the guest posts are free to write about whatever God leads them to put into a post, we will provide them with a list of topics we are constructing that may spur further thoughts. This is just another set in assisting the whole process for this blog and explore different styles and approaches.

Here are the topics for the next six weeks:

  1. Youth Ministry and Family
  2. Essentials in Youth Ministry
  3. Student Leadership Impact In Ministry
  4. Parents and Dating Teens
  5. Volunteer Leadership
  6. Youth Ministry and Hurting Teens

We are curious, how do you approach blogging? Do you have a schedule, strategy, or tradition? Do you simply write whatever is on your mind at the time and hope that something comes along consistently? Have you heard of other approaches or strategies that are different from the traditional versions being utilized today? Share them in the comments.

A New Milestone, A New Goal

We have officially hit a new milestone and one of our personal goals. We wanted to reach 2,000 monthly views by December to start the conversation about making this something more than a blog and we reached it three months early. With this new achievement, we now have to brainstorm and come up with a new set of goals and strategy for this website, while still creating community and providing free resources and solutions to you the readers.

How do we continue to improve our content as well as continue to increase our audience? We have some ideas, but would love to hear what you think first. What do you love about this site? Where would you like to see this go?