FREEBIE FRIDAY : Fourth Quarter 7-Week Curriculum

Here is the fourth and final installment of our curriculum. In 1 & 2 Samuel, we will be looking at the life of David, where he started, how he came to be king, the mistakes that he made, and how he was redeemed through his lineage to the birth of Christ. There are so many good stories here to introduce to students all of which can easily be applied to the life of a teenager: knowing God loves you, trusting in Him, living the life God has for you, falling into sin, and yet knowing we can find salvation in Him (Matthew 1).

These lessons cover:

1 Samuel 16, 1 Samuel 17, 1 Samuel 19, 2 Samuel 7, 2 Samuel 11, Matthew 1

Use it, rework it, just do not resell it.

High School Curriculum (part 4)

FREEBIE FRIDAY : First Quarter 7-Week Curriculum

Here is the first installment of our curriculum. The goal with these lessons is to serve the military students that go to USAFA Club Beyond. The first 6-weeks of lessons will be the initial setup for us to go where they are at in LIFE, the theme for the whole year. The popular board game has endless ways that we can use them, I have only thought of a few of them for our illustrations and questions. Be sure to share with them each week what the theme is and how it applies to The Game of LIFE as a fun visual illustration.

Many of these students are facing at least one, if not several of the issues that we will be discussing at club in the following lessons. This allows us to discuss things that are going on in their life, get to hear their stories of who they are and what they have experienced, and be able to develop relationships with them.

The hope is that in building these relationships with them during these 6-weeks, we will be able to then go on to share who Jesus is and how he dealt with similar issues of loneliness, pain, and frustration. During this time of building relationships, we should be listening intently on the details of what they have to say, giving validity to what they share, and encouraging them in the accomplishments or supporting them in the tough times.

These lessons cover:

Dog Tags, Military ID Card, PCS, Deployment, Leadership, Homecoming, Game Day 01

Use it, rework it, just do not resell it.

High School Curriculum (part 1)