Facility AV Distribution

Here’s the problem: You need to get audio and video from the sanctuary to an overflow room, a mother’s room, to the kitchen for the crew preparing potluck, to the foyer, and maybe a couple other locations.  How do you do it?

Some of you may know about Ethernet baluns; for those that do not, the simplest explanation is they are devices that send audio and/or video signals over Ethernet cable to a remote destination and then provide the original connection type (DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc) to make the “last mile” connection to the end device.  These have their utility, to be sure, but Ethernet can be troublesome to terminate and can kink very easily while running through walls and ceilings and these kinks can lead to breaks in the line, necessitating re-running that entire line.  However, these balun systems tend to be quite inexpensive, depending on what signal you need to send and how far you need to send it.

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Hardware Review: Blackmagic Design Television Studio

The Television Studio (TVS) has been out in the marketplace now for a couple years and I thought it would be good to offer an honest and straightforward review of this piece of equipment it some real-world experiences mixed in.

Churches have been flocking to this unit because it’s inexpensive and offers some significant features for the price point.  It has significantly lowered the cost of entry into live video production for recording, image magnification, and live streaming.  Being able to accommodate up to 6 sources, it has some impressive features for its size.

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Level Up Podcast - Episode 14

Level Up Podcast: 14 Effective Ministry With Church Management Software

Doing ministry at the guidance of the Holy Spirit and direction of Scripture with the power of Christ is honestly not that difficult. Ensuring the safety of the children at church, managing volunteers, communicating with leaders and parents, setting up schedules and so many other things? Now we have made it complex. Jesse and I talk about our own unique experiences of Church Community Builder and why it works for big churches down to church plants. From there, we dive into How Do Smaller and Larger Churches Communicate [Infographic] and look at what it means to have effective internal and external communications in a variety of church settings and sizes. Finally, we get to talk with Steve Caton of CCB about their heart as a ministry as they serve the Church.

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lightstock fall giveaway feature

Fall Photos [Giveaway!]

There’s something about the changing of seasons, especially when summer turns to fall. This transition reintroduces our love for colors, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, sweatshirts, apple cider, and of course apple cider doughnuts. Now, these are a few of my personal loves of fall, and there are so many more.

With all of these new(ish) things come the fall season may also bring contemplation. I find myself reflecting on what has happened over the years—looking at what I’ve accomplished, reviewing photos, and reconnecting with people that I may have lost touch with over the summer.

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Porn Protection (1)

Porn Protection on Android

With 1 billion Android devices registered, it clearly holds the largest share of the smartphone market. That means it could very well be the choice of many church techies.

With a more open platform comes more opportunities to do what you want. This is a huge advantage for those who like to tinker and customize, but it’s a huge detriment to those of us who desire to live a life after Jesus. Viewing, downloading, and streaming pornography is almost built into the system. Porn sites know this and have even put out some of their own apps to view their content.

These facts make keeping clean on an Android device quite tricky. But it’s not impossible. I’d like to introduce to you Ever Accountable

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