Be At Ease With Your WordPress Security

Let’s say you want to begin a new website for your ministry. And perhaps you decide to use WordPress, as 23% of the web does.

You then install WordPress, figure out the basics of installing a theme, a few plugins, and make several pages and posts. Things are running smoothly for a few months when all of the sudden, on a Saturday morning you receive an email from an unusual address stating that you have been hacked. Wait … hold on. Hacked?!

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Do Your Homework

Do Your Homework: Church Culture

I’ve got one more takeaway for you from the Frequency Conference I attended a few weeks ago. If you want to read about my first bit of advice, head right over here. A few of our team members attended a workshop about how to better know your city. They had some great takeaways, including the tweet below:

Do your research! Why are you giving flyers out in an illiterate community? #TFrequency14 @ThriveInTheCity with #missiodeinj

— Nathan McCargo (@nmccargo146) October 18, 2014

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Level Up Podcast - Episode 15

Level Up Podcast: 15 Churches, Social Media, and Hashtags

How much do you spend on marketing for your church? With a communications pastor at $38,000/year, a church sign for $15,000, weekly bulletins costing $100, church announcement videos, printed flyers, and so many others, you are spending a lot of money. Then compare that with how many new people came to your church this year. What if I said you could get more people coming at approximately $2/person? That’s the cost of a Google ad clients right. Or maybe a free hashtag that reaches the level Meredith Gould has achieved with the hashtag #chsocm! We have some great ideas for you in this podcast.

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The Dark Side of Content Marketing [Infographic]

I push content marketing for churches ALL THE TIME. But it’s not 100% rainbows and unicorns. In honor of halloween, we want to look at the dark side of content marketing that every blogger who spouts content marketing being the greatest thing since sliced break does not talk about. Content marketing has some major considerations before you make investments.

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hide youtube related videos

How To Get Rid of YouTube Related Videos in WordPress

Let’s say we have an amazing video that we want to share with our congregation. And let’s say we create our very own YouTube channel. We then upload said amazing video to YouTube so we can share it with the world. Using YouTube to host your videos on a WordPress website is what I always recommend. However, all of the sudden we notice that when the video ends, these related videos show up. But, these related videos have nothing to do with our content. There may even be some inappropriate content. So, what do we do?

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