Online Blogging Platform- Intro-01

Online Blogging Platforms: A Series Intro

This is the intro to a four part series on web-based writing applications. I’ve been tinkering with a few lately (including some you’ve suggested), so this series will serve as a tear-down of these services. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new home! But first a few tips before we get started.

Everyone has their go-to blogging platform, be it a fully featured client like WordPress, a social experience like Tumblr or a minimal setup like Svbtl. If you’re like me, you don’t always like the layout some of these services have you typing in. You need to make yourself comfortable while banging out a few articles to increase productivity and solid content and decrease distractions. That’s where these web apps come in. I’ve played around with several over the last few months, and I wanted to share my thoughts on them with you. But before we do that, I want to share a little about myself and my blogging habits. This should help give you a background as we push forward these next few weeks.  Continue Reading…

Cutting Through the Noise

Windows 8.x: Cutting Through the Noise

About two years ago, Windows 8 was coming soon, the Surface Pro had just been announced, and I was covering what this meant to student ministries staff. At that point I was someone who started using Windows (as early as the Developer Preview) as a skeptic, concerned with the changes Microsoft was bringing. However I installed and used it, and its following two previews (the consumer preview, and the release preview) essentially became my daily driver on computers that did not have touch screen support, and on a hybrid that did, and eventually I came to find that, for me, the changes that Microsoft was making made a lot of sense. I was excited even, about its potential future.

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Level Up Podcast - Episode 03

Level Up Podcast: 03 Stop Looking At Porn

If you have been reading this blog much this year, you know that we are not only taking a position against pornography, but also actively engaging in the conversation from a church technology standpoint. This podcast honestly less of something that we could do and more like a dream fulfilled. In pushing for people to stop looking at pornography, we have not explicitly discussed how the church technology team could do so and that is what this podcast episode addressed. No frills, no beating around the bush. We go right for the heart of this topic, so be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable, more empowered, and challenged to take up the cause yourself.

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Blackmagic Design Television Studio & Scalers

Blackmagic Design Television Studio & Scalers

In a recent installation project for a church, I learned a very valuable lesson about the Blackmagic Design Television Studio video switcher (BMD TVS) and how it interacts with scalers and other equipment.

The TVS expects either 720p or 1080i/p video content and it’s extremely specific about what it accepts or doesn’t accept.  For example, if you are trying to feed a 1366×720 signal from a scaler to the TVS, it will not be able to compensate for the difference (720p HD is 1280×720).  It will simply display a black screen.  Likewise, if you are feeding a 1920x108060p signal, it won’t be able to compensate because it’s expecting 1920×1080/59.94p.

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5 Ways To Gurantee Your Church Website Fails

5 Ways To Guarantee your Church Website Fails

My first car was an old BMW 533i. That car made me fall in love with the BMW brand, they are just a great car in my opinion. I have not had a beamer since then but recently was shopping for a used car. Surprisingly I found several new(ish) BMW’s in my low budget price range.

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VLOG - How Church Techies Can Minister To Leadership About Porn

How Church Techies Can Minister To Leadership About Porn

This is the seventh article in the series The Fight Against Porn series.

Filtering Internet at church is more than just setting up software for the church technology ministry. If we are owning the cause to fight against pornography, then we need to have a loving follow up conversation with people when they do look at porn. But how do you confront someone if they are church leadership? We have a couple of ideas for you to make the conversation go a little smoother.

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Case Study- Updating The Sanctuary Tech [part 1]

Case Study: Updating The Sanctuary Tech [part 1]

Below is a description of how Fort Bragg Seventh-day Adventist Church went from a system with some components dating back 30 years to a new easier-to-use and highly capable and integrated AV system.

When I visited the church earlier this year, I was dumbfounded at what I saw; a small niche had been built into the wall of the sanctuary and this is what constituted the tech area (see image below). It was made clear that this system was out of date when they acquired it and it’s been limping along ever since.  It was painfully clear that a new integrated system would be needed.  The church as a body was motivated and eager to upgrade and while it did take several weeks to design the exact system they would need, once it was proposed, the church board approved it immediately and the equipment was ordered.

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