Level Up Podcast - Episode 12

Level Up Podcast: 12 The Motion Graphics You Need For Your Church

Church technology with Sunday morning worship and sermons can go beyond simply a microphone and a speaker. The question is, what is important and what can wait initially? We get to talk with Tim Adams on what it means to setup your church’s stage for doing a better presentation of the Gospel message and telling His story well. We then take a left turn and talk about my blog post Human Sex Trafficking: An Online Epidemic [Infographic] from the Fight Against Porn series. Finally, we get to talk with Jeff McIntosh on how churches can use motion graphics to accel at church presentations.

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How AreYou Acting-

How Are You Acting?

The leader in me couldn’t let a teaching opportunity like this simply pass by. Hang tight.

I was in my mid-teens attending a counseling conference by CCEF. We had all gathered for a plenary session on 1 Corinthians by a guy named Mark Driscoll. I loved it. He was engaging, theologically rich, and had my sense of humor. I met him personally afterwards for a book signing. We were both trendy and wearing vests so we chatted about that. Naturally, conversation moved to his beard when he commented that his hair “grows like a Chia Pet.” We had a good laugh and life went on. Continue Reading…

Pray before you reply

Pray Before You @reply

Twitter has created a platform designed to get a full idea from a user up on the Internet in mere moments. This was instantly test cased as one of the founders recounts reading tweets of an earthquake in California seconds before the disruption hit him. Yet this ability to instantaneously send out content has a dark side to it as well.

It can be as simple as a hateful tweet at a company like American Airlines after experiencing bad service.

People write vile spewings of racist remarks towards the horror of Ferguson.

Someone can make a split second decision to hate on an ex-spouse or a company that they just left.

None of it edifying, all of it sinful.

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Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips From You

Two weeks ago, we did a great little Twitter giveaway on our Twitter account as we updated our Twitter account from @seventy8prod to @78ptv. We asked for your best social media tip and you delivered.

You want to see some of these sweet tips? Check them out below.

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CalmlyWriter Review

CalmlyWriter Review

So, lately I’ve been trying to focus more on one thing at a time. I read a really great article shared by Buffer about “single-tabbing”: only keeping one tab open at a time while you’re browsing the web. While that’s nearly impossible for me to do, I’ve got it down to about 2 or 3 at a time.

This inspired me to take another look for a super chill writing platform. I think I found the perfect one.

Introducing: CalmlyWriter

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Photo of a guy sitting with a notebook computer on his lap, ready to surf the web.

Using The Internet Everyday

At one time, in a place not far away, there sat our grandparents reading the paper, or perhaps Shakespeare. They may have been sipping on coffee, or perhaps a spot of tea.

They were oblivious to the fact that one day, in the fairly near future (maybe 60 years away), this thing called the Internet would be created. And it would be a way for them to get a hold of the news and even Shakespeare without walking anywhere.

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35,000 Facebook Shares… And it was a Disaster

It all started on Friday afternoon when our head Pastor got and email from a friend that said, “Hey, does this Church look familiar?” And there was an image, taken from our website, of our congregation, in our sanctuary, and this group had added text about a different denomination’s reaction to the gay marriage debate in a state across the country.

The image was taken at our Christmas concert two years ago, looking back at the packed pews. You could easily make out the faces of dozens of people in the crowd of 600. And added to this was text that had nothing to do with us, from a different denomination, in a different state, on one of the most controversial issues in our denomination. We had become a meme.

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