78p App of the Week- Plant

App of the Week: Sitegeist

As many of you know, we’re neck deep in a series on (church) Plant Tech. Last week I mentioned an app that Planters could use and I wanted to do a fuller mention of it this week. We Planters find ourselves in a unique situation where we need to keep current with our technology on little or no budget. Yeah, a hard task to be sure. So any little thing helps, even free apps like the one I’ll be reviewing today. Introducing: Sitegeist. Continue Reading…

Why Is Your Church Not On YouTube Yet

Why Is Your Church Not On YouTube Yet?

The question in the title of this article can come off as both shaming and challenging. If you felt those two because your church does not have a YouTube account, then GOOD! You need to be on it, if for no other reason than you can engage people more online!

In the article below, I generate three ways that you can create unique content to post on there. Before we get to that, you need to understand why it is so important you are on YouTube.

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New Buzzsprout Podcasting Stats

New Buzzsprout Podcasting Stats

If you have listened to our podcast at all, you know that we love Buzzsprout. One thing you might not know about our relationship with them, we explicitly sought out a working relationship before we ever started recording the podcast, stating that we wanted to eithe work with them or simply not do a podcast at all, that’s how much I respect them. I have had the pleasure to work with Jared Rypkema and they had given us an inside tip of a new feature that releases today: the new Buzzsprout stats.

Now, this will probably read as a promotional for the company and I fully endorse them, so I’m okay with that. But if you read between the lines, you should be understanding why your church will THRIVE on Buzzsprout with your own podcast.

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Letter from the Editor - Tweaks To The Blog

Letter from the Editor: Tweaks To The Blog

In March of this year, I wrote about a great philosophy that is starting to impact companies everywhere called the 1% change that you can read up here. Without rehashing the whole article again, the idea is you make simple changes everywhere to find huge success overall. And that is what I have been doing with the 78p.tv blog for the past month. You may never actually see the changes I have been making to the blog up to this point, but I have actually been trying to do at least four small improvements every week.

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Level Up Podcast - Episode 09

Level Up Podcast: 09 The Best Story Your Church Can Tell

The idea of telling stories is not something that can easily happen. Think about the message you or your pastor wanted to share at your last Sunday service you had. Could that same message have been done in a 15 minute podcast? Maybe in a 700 word blog post? How about a 140 character tweet? As Christian blogger and church techies, we are always looking for new ways to communicate the message of the Gospel through various mediums. It may be as Chip Dizard suggests, through a niche blog, or as Phil Schneider shared, with the grace and delicate touch of a bull in a glass shop. Whatever you are trying to communicate, make it the best story your church can tell.

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Church Plant Tech pt 1 (3)

Getting Creative: Using What You’ve Got

Planting a church from scratch nowadays is a difficult undertaking, but I can’t imagine what it was like in the book of Acts! Technology is widely available and cheaper than ever here in 2014. This article is here to help get you started with planting a church with little to no budget.

Utilize Free Services

There is a ton of free tech that church planters can start using strait away. From the get go, I recommend diving into a free ecosystem to help organize your plant. We at Missio Dei chose Google for their extensive free catalog, portability, and reliability, but there are plenty of free ecosystems out there that you can use.

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Wil Wheaton Says It’s Okay To Be A Nerd [Video]

I was the stereotypical nerd in high school. I loved working with technology, wanted a video editing system for my twelfth birthday, and was able to fully program a website by sixth grade (want an A in high school and middle school? Create a website and copy/paste the textbook onto it).

But I was also bullied because of my nerdiness. I’ve been shoved into showers, mocked for being introverted and smart, and shamed by girls for not being the athletic top dog. But as Wil Wheaton shares below, it does get better. Do not be ashamed for being a nerd. Maybe as a church technology ministry, we can fully adopt this model for the church and end bullying from the church to the school classroom!

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