Church Plant Tech pt 1 (1)

Casting Tech Vision

To wrap up this Plant Tech series, I thought I’d dream a little. Without vision, many of our ministry efforts are in vain (I’d say all, but I don’t want to strip Jesus of his sovereignty). We need specific goals and solid plans to get where we need to go. It’s hard for me to not live in the here and now, so this article is a test for me personally. Let’s see what we get out of it! Continue Reading…

Church Plant Tech pt 1

Church Plant Tech: Introduction

It may seem a little silly that we are doing an introduction to a series on church plant tech after we have already done four of the articles up to this point, but we want to have a landing page for easy access that many of you have been asking for.

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5 Benefits Of Using Technology

One of the coolest things about living in the digital age as we know it, is having the ability to connect with people that you have never met in real life.

Here at, we have an internal chat, a reference board, and an ideation group set up so that we can be in constant communication with one another. Frankly, none of us have met face to face, at least to my awareness, and that to me is quite amazing. So, how do we communicate? It’s all done via technology (be it a notebook computer, a tablet, a smartphone, a car, a sound system, or even a wheelchair).

With the rise of such relationships, and the widespread usage of technology, I want to hit on a few benefits of having these technologies in our hands. Along with that, there is of course a word of caution: moderation.

Alright let’s examine these 5 benefits that come to mind when I think of technology.

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VLOG - Creating the Best Hashtag for Your Church

Creating the Best Hashtag for Your Church

If your church has already bought into the idea that social media can be a great place to not only let others know about events that you are having, but also to begin relationships with people that may grow your church and stir up conversations for the Kingdom, then the hard part of this blog article is done. One specific aspect of social media that I see churches not capitalizing on is the hashtag. Not only can you promote your church, you can also get an inside look into what others are saying about your church!

So I want to help you craft the perfect hashtag for whatever social media platform you are on. These are guidelines at best, but they are designed for a reason, so heed what I have to say.

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Its All Hearsay

It’s All Hearsay

In the court room, a testimony that is based in hearsay is instantly inadmissible. Not only will hearsay not help your case, it could actually discredit your witness and completely wreck your case. Nothing but the truth should be revealed to the judge and jury.

Social media for churches should be treated the same way, especially when you are trying to identify the target audience. The question is, have you and your church made a mistake like so many other churches? We look at how churches have failed at this and what the best route you and your ministry can take to succeed.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Paid Facebook

It’s time to change the way you think about Facebook. Facebook is a paid service. Facebook with payment is like a trial version with 15% functionality. I know this is frustrating, I know it use to work well for free, but now it doesn’t. Facebook broke groups, maybe it’s part of going public, but standard posts only show up in 15% of your follower’s news feeds.

So, how do you reach the additional 85% of people who want to hear from you? You’ve got to pay the man, and in this case, the man is Mark Zuckerberg. But what’s the most effective way to get the reach you want? Here’s where to put money and where not to waste your dollars.

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Join the Church Tech Hashtag Conversation

Join the Church Tech Hashtag Conversation

One of the best aspects of social media that is great for marketing and seeing the dialogue happening online was never envisioned by the social network giants. The hashtag, as told by Twitter “lore”, was actually created by people and only after significant resistance, taken up by Twitter officially. Since the term has become a common household term, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and others have implemented them into their system as well.

What you may not have known is that there have been some great church tech hashtags running for a little while.

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