4 Church Wireless Security Tips

When it comes to setting up a network at your church, it is a necessity at this point in time. Now, there are internal networks for your own server to talk with a number of other workstations at your facility which is a beast in and of its own. But, there is also the need to have Internet access for sending emails, watching YouTube, researching, and of course for Googling.

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Contributor Quotes From July 2014

We have a series going where we pull out some great quotes from past blog articles into great quoted images to share across several social media networks. This last month was full of great content that honestly I had to cut good ones to make way for the great ones. Take these and use these as you will.

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A Rebuttal

A Rebuttal: Six Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

Several weeks ago, I read an article that was shared on Facebook called “Six Ways Your Phone Is Changing You”. My mom shared it and she’s normally very intentional with what she passes on to me and it was about tech, so I gave it a read. I didn’t really like it. It wasn’t all bad though. I’ll start with the points that I didn’t really have a problem with.
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Human Sex Trafficking: An Online Epidemic [Infographic]

This is the tenth article in the series The Fight Against Porn series.

We have been doing a series on digital pornography and how churches can take a stand against it. But there is a dark truth about digital pornography that we want to shed light on, that it does not stop with just pictures. If you decide you want to have sex with someone online, you may be taking part in online sex trafficking. The infographic below is haunting, but we as the church are suppose to be standing up for justice, so I’m not holding back with this. Note that I want to see END and it may take the whole Church to do it.

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Internet Safety for Seniors in Church

Senior citizens are embracing the digital age in greater numbers every year. Fifty-three percent of adults ages 65 and older now use the Internet and online tools such as email, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Among those Internet users, seventy percent report going online daily.

A 2012 study by Microsoft and AARP found that online communication often was credited for improving dialogue among family members.

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Level Up Podcast - Episode 11

Level Up Podcast: 11 Ministry and Social Media, What You Need to Know

Social media is the “fun” topic to talk about in churches right now. How do we use it to get more people into our churches? How can I harness it to better expand my message? Should I be retweeting and commenting? Is automation okay? We take a more foundational look at this idea of how a ministry can use social media as Michael Beil and I talk about what our own experiences have been on social media. We then jump topics for a bit and discuss Michael’s latest article on how technology can make your ministry better. Finally, we get to talk with Justin Wise about the theology of social media and the foundational topic of what success should look like for churhces on social media. Hold on to your earbuds, this one is a great hour of content!

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Church Plant Tech pt 1 (1)

Casting Tech Vision

To wrap up this Plant Tech series, I thought I’d dream a little. Without vision, many of our ministry efforts are in vain (I’d say all, but I don’t want to strip Jesus of his sovereignty). We need specific goals and solid plans to get where we need to go. It’s hard for me to not live in the here and now, so this article is a test for me personally. Let’s see what we get out of it! Continue Reading…