Church Graphic Handbook

How To Get Great Graphics For Your Church

Honestly, the topic of Photoshop is something I have intentionally avoided for quite some time. Do I know how to use the software? I’ve been at it since the launch of Photoshop CS 2, so yes. But how do you have a conversation with church people on the topic of graphics that is not already covered elsewhere on the Internet?

At the same time, I have my own rules I follow, but have not worked with more than a hand full of churches to create style guides.

All of that is about to change and the best part is I didn’t have to write a single word.

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Church Video Rsponse

Church Plants Need Video: A Response

My fellow church techie Chip Dizard did a great write-up on church plants and video media. I read the article, watched the videos and gathered some thoughts. Below I’ll outline my perspective on video media and how it fits in my plant. I think we’ll learn a great deal and please, share this with your friends. Chip is very conversational, and my hope is that this post can be a bunch of techies helping each other out! Let’s get to it! Continue reading…

VLOG - For The Blogger Who Is Struggling

For The Blogger Who Is Struggling

Every person who has ever blogged, you have struggled with some part of the process. Maybe it is trying to identify what that next article is going to be about, maybe it is struggling with your traffic, or it could be due to designs for your featured photos and social media. For every blogger that has struggled, and to the contributors of this blog specifically, I have a word for you.

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Letter from the Editor Picking Only The Best

Letter From The Editor: Picking Only The Best

This weekend we will be changing the theme of our blog. It’s been over three years since we have actually changed the theme and over seven years since the change before that. In this transition, I have found that we are a blog that loves to not be restrained by the type of content we post: video, audio, photo, and simple blog articles.

In this process of understanding what we want to do with a blog design, I found myself with a possible impulse buy to get a set of themes that would have been good enough. But good enough simply is not the best.

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Can-You-Trust-the-Internet-Infographic-750x7226 thumb

Can You Trust the Internet [Infographic]

As church staff, you probably have this long list of spiritual things you want to do in your life. I’ve been there, I know what it means to get camp going, do Sunday sermons, make sure the fall harvest is a success, and meet with teenagers for discipleship or small group. But as any business, you are holding a lot of sensitive data and as soon as you go online with any of that data, your liability has skyrocketed. That means posting pictures of children without proper consent, banking information with insecure passwords, or email about times and locations of small groups. The question is, are you keeping everything safe?

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Hosting Church Media Online

Hosting Church Media Online

Unless you have a crazy amount of free time or are independently wealthy, you likely don’t have much more free time than it takes to upload sermon videos/audio files to the church website, providing you remember how to do it.  You might even have time to add in the right title, description and maybe do some quick SEO work to help people find the sermons online.  Many CMS platforms (content management systems) are just not very video friendly and with more and more churches offering their services online, volunteers and tech staff need an easy to use, easy to understand system that takes the guesswork out of the process.  Of course, file management and the curating of the online media library is another “to-do” item that continually gets put on the back burner until someone has enough free time to spend the tens of hours it takes to organize it and make sense of it all, if it ever happens at all.  And it’s increasingly important to make your media easy to find and easy to navigate for your website visitors.

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VLOG - Equipment For Your Church Podcast

Equipment For Your Church Podcast

We have been asked a couple of different times by ministries that their churches want to start a podcast and were wondering what they should use. Honestly, this process does not have to be difficult, but we give you a couple of our thoughts. Also, watch through to the end of the video when we share how to have a great conversation with three or more people on your podcast.

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