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Photo Apr 13, 2 09 20 PM

Grant’s First Easter Egg Hunt of 2014

Grant enjoyed his first Easter egg hunt this year, even if it was a bit cold. As a result of this, his new favorite phrase to say? “Candy please.” Check out two videos of Grant searching for eggs and candy in the post below.

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Girl Meets World [Video]

Is it sad that I am seriously excited about this? So many childhood memories here! Here is the trailer for the series sequel to Boy Meets World with the original cast on board!

Photo Apr 01, 10 16 50 PM

Recording Another Podcast

We don’t even have all of the second episode out to the public yet and TC Johnson, Jesse Gruber, and I are already done recording for the third episode of the Level Up Podcast! So excited. Plus, it only took me 10 minutes to setup and record tonight. Look for the Bonus Level with Josh Burns to go live Thursday on the Level Up Newsletter and then catch this episode in three week.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.24.06 PM

Google Does April Fools Early

Not sure if they jumped the gun or just trying to hit the Eastern hemisphere and I got it too, but it looks like Google is going to hit you through Gmail with April Fools this year.


Riding A Horse

My son both loves riding horses and is scared of them. Enjoy these two videos of him riding this horse at the zoo.

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A Fancy Dinner Date

With my sister-in-law in town, my wife and I were able to steal away for a night private dinner that was a little classier than normal.

Happy Monday!

For all of you Monday haters, for those that didn’t get your coffee this morning, and for those that simply are unmotivated or in a creative block, enjoy this video! Happy Monday!