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What started out as a couple of college students volunteering at youth group and wanting to help share the stories of the teenagers has evolved from a fun little hobby to a calling of helping other people and their ministries use technology better. Church technology is slowly being integrated into ministry but there are still significant discussions on how to effectively evangelism, disciple, worship, and lead in this digital age. We based our name on Psalm 78 and sharing the news of the Gospel to the youth of the world.

Meeting with iPhone and iPad

Our hope is that we help ministries better use church tech, whether that is hardware, software, blogging, social media, audio/visual equipment, mobile devices, or developing empowered teams and strategies. We want to encourage youth ministers, senior pastors, worships leaders, and any other leaders to take a fresh look at using church tech and use it to its fullest capacity.

We specialize in helping churches with technology develop visions, create powerful budgets, lead volunteers and staff well, engage more with their communities, and provide you with free resources. There are several ways you can interact with us that we would be happy to connect with you:

  • Comment on our blog posts. We love to further the conversation with you and expand our ideas specifically to you.
  • Network with us on social media, including Google+, Twitter, and YouTube. We respond within hours of your tweet or message.
  • If you have something formal you would like to setup, take a look at our new consultation levels where we can help you guys out!

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