VLOG - 3 Easy Blog Tips That Will Improve Your Content

3 Easy Blog Tips That Will Improve Your Content

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If you are running a blog for yourself, your ministry, or your church, you are probably always looking for aways to improve the content and get more eyes on it too. For some bloggers, that means improving SEO. While SEO is good to an extent, there is a ceiling on it before it becomes too gimmicky and manipulative.

I want to give you three easy blog tips that will improve your blog’s content and get more readers to your site. These 3 tips are so easy you can implement them today and will immediately improve your traffic and content quality.

  1. Have the first paragraph sum up your whole article. If I were to take your first paragraph and copy/paste it into a Google+ post with your article’s link, would people know what the article is about? Tell them why they should be interested and give them that blogging hook to read on.
  2. Have a tweetable sentence that is less than 120 characters long. A tweetable sentence that is on point with the purpose of the whole article will allow others to post it on their own social media accounts as a nugget of truth. And honestly, social media users are only looking for that much. Give them a little taste of what the article is about and point them to the link where they can get all of the facts.
  3. Get to the point quickly, please. And be clear about it. Nothing says, “I don’t know what I am talking about” like a blog article that is all over the map without a strong point. Every sermon needs three points, every blog article needs them too. If I read the whole post, I need to be able to clearly tell you what I just read. Too many bloggers honestly miss this key point.
  4. Bonus: Creative visuals for your blog post from the tweets. You put extra effort in that tweetable sentence in your article somewhere, why not repurpose it? Make it into an image that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instragram, and others. It’s a different form factor that has proven to get people’s attention easier and improve click-through traffic to your blog. Throw a watermark with your logo or website URL, add the tweet, use a sweet stock photograph, and post it on your social media accounts with some text from the article (hint: that initial paragraph that is summed up) with a link to the full article.

What tip would you give on improving your blog’s content or traffic flow without offering a gimmick?