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Ready, Set, Go General Session!

Funny video of poor Austin being the newbie and the “extra duties” that come with it.

Dan Wolgemuth shared about the family that expands beyond the US into the International Mission and was highlighted through YFC’s General Assembly.

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We are backstage with Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church, to offer some key tips and a challenge for youth workers and holiness.

Day #2! You can feel the excitement!

Starting things off with a Jimmy Fallon type skit writing thank you knows to sill stuff! Love youth workers!

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We are backstage with Dave Rahn, senior vice-president of YFC, to discuss what he is looking forward to in this year’s MidWinter.

We did a post for Churchm.ag asking if we should support the hacker group, Anonymous. Below is the content of the post, but here is the article at Churchm.ag that has the video we reference.

If you are plugged into online news, you know about the hacker group Anonymous. They have claimed being a part of many different online breakings, everything from simply defacing websites to stealing credit card and personal information. But they say that they do it all in the name of equality and being fair online.

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