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Contacting students is one of the most important parts of youth ministry. Instead of expecting teens to come to us (which is completely unrealistic), we need to be going to them, meeting them on their territory. In so doing, we are winning the right to be heard, building relationships with them, and hopefully building trust so that we can eventually share the Gospel with them.

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Develop A Routine

Blogging 101: Develop A Routine

This is the seventh article in the series Blogging 101 series.

One of the toughest parts about blogging is the idea of creating a routine that is consistent, productive, and creative. You cannot predict when you will have the inspiration to write five great articles, nor can you expect to consistently update a blog on a whim. So the question is, where is the happy medium?

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Maybe the greatest part about your youth ministry beyond working with teens is the ability to share the vision and direction with other adults. Yet, we need to remember that while different adults all want to see the best for the teenagers, we need to remember that their ideas of what is best is going to probably be different than hours.

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Network, Network, Network

Blogging: Network, Network, Network

This is the sixth article in the series Blogging 101 series.

Yesterday, I shared with you about how to incorporate social media with your blog so that you can find like-minded people and market what you have to say or share. But you have to realize that that is only a portion of the ideas of networking with your blog. If you stop at social media, you will not hit the full potential of your blog.

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Integrate Social Media

Blogging 101: Integrate Social Media

This is the fifth article in the series Blogging 101 series.

We are social media promoters. If you are not using it with your business or in ministry and have great ideas, you need to start now. But at the same time, we argue that it is ONLY a tool and if it distracts from making sales or doing ministry, you need to just through it out the window.

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Baby On The Brain

Jeremy Smith —  February 25, 2012 — Leave a comment

We are official just under twenty days until the due date of my first child and all I have on my brain is how amazing that moment is going to be to hold my child and my wife and I be the greatest parents we can be to him or her. Every time I meet a new person or friends and family ask how I am doing, nearly the first thing I have to tell them is how many days are left. I love it!

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Setting Up The Blog

Blogging 101: Setting Up The Blog

This is the fourth article in the series Blogging 101 series.

This step of the process may be a simple one for some and something that others want to skip when they shoot for putting together a blog. But if you do not do the ground work now, you could find yourself doing a lot of complaining, being constrained because of lack of options, and ultimately spending more time fixing problems in the end than taking the time now.

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